Pay Per Head Online Bookie Software Platforms

The Pay Per Head industry for online sportsbook management solutions has undergone some dramatic changes over the past several years given the tremendous growth in popularity of betting on sports through the Internet along with major technological advances in both operating systems and the highly sophisticated software applications needed to complete these types of transactions online.

Some price per head sites have fallen by the wayside during these transitional years due to the lack of funds and overall commitment towards changing with the times. However, the PPH services that have adapted to this completely new business environment by making the necessary investments in time, money and manpower have watched their efforts deliver some huge dividends to their company’s bottom line.

Choosing the Best PPH Service for Baseball

Your main goal when using a pay per head (PPH) website is to make money and that is why it is important to pick the best one when it comes to betting on baseball. Looking at the site’s
software is one of the more important things to look for, but there are several others as well. Pretty much all PPH sites will offer baseball betting, but how extensive is that betting in terms of the sport?

They need to offer all the main bets such as the totals and the moneyline, but others as well such as the run-line, futures, parlays, and proposition bets to name a few. Also, while the MLB is the most popular bet in baseball there are also many leagues around the world that will have lines and check to see if the PPH site offers that so you, in turn, can offer that baseball betting option to your customers.

247PPH knows the pay per head business like no other company. They have dominated the pay per head business and continue to innovate with new reports, products and other perks that their customer base enjoys. Their prices are unmatched and the level of service is outstanding. If you are looking for a reliable pay per head service provider, look into

247PPH – Per head provider

Being a bookie is all about having control, you can’t afford to have players that wager out of control and beat you for thousands of dollars. You need to be able to restrict amounts per game and sport. You also need to be capable of moving lines in order to about bad beats from players taking sharp lines. 247PPH puts you in control and helps you understand the status of your operation.


RealBookie does many things right and because of it they have a highly respected reputation. Their pay per head sportsbook betting services are outstanding, they have reliable servers and an on site tech team capable of solving any issue that arises within a few minutes. They are definitely customer service oriented and will go the extra mile to please any of their customers. Pay their site a visit and learn more about what they can offer your operation.

RealBookie – PPH provider

RealBookie takes its business seriously and they will go the extra mile to provide the best service possible to all their customers. Their service is second to none and the reliability of their services is impeccable. If you are looking for price per head service provider that won’t disappoint, look no further, RealBookies should be the right match for you.

A1PPH is a results oriented price per head provider. Their focus is 100% customer satisfaction and in order to achieve this high standard they have have some of the best talents working to provide outstanding web experience to all their customers. But they also take into account old school customers that prefer to call their action over the phone. A1PPH offers affordable prices for all bookies looking to move their players into the new and improved price per head services.

A1PPH – Premium PPH provider

A1PPH has dependable, reliable software that will make your bookmaking operation hassle free. You will have detailed reports about your players action as well as full control of the types of lines your customers will be able to see. A1PPH has a robust platform that offers casino, horses and sports gaming in a simple to use website that is also mobile friendly.

More Price Per Head Providers

The top Pay Per Head sites in the Internet sports betting industry these days know exactly what you need to successfully run and manage your own sportsbook as an independent sports bookmaker. They have also taken great strides to help you level the playing field with your biggest competition; the big offshore sportsbooks operating online. Best of all, they can deliver the right sportsbook software solutions at the right price with a low, weekly price per head fee that you only pay for your active sports betting cliental.

There are basically two different Pay Per Head bookie software platforms in use today. The older version that has been around for well over six years is known as Advisor Software Inc. or ASI. This is a basic bookie software platform that has proven itself to be a very easy and efficient way to manage the day-to-day administrative tasks that go into a business of this nature. It includes the necessary applications for full player management, betting and credit limits, line adjustment tools and weekly stats covering every aspect of the betting action coming in.

One of the best features of ASI is that it takes a comprehensive approach to providing bookmakers with all the basic business tools needed to easily take your bookie business online

in a very timely fashion. While ASI may be considered basis in nature, it remains a very efficient software solutions package that covers all the bases.

Today’s sophisticated sports bettor is always looking to push the envelope when it comes to online technology and Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS) has responded to the challenge with an advanced bookie software solution that expands your capabilities when it comes the daily operation of your bookmaking business.

Some of the most popular features and benefits of DGS online sports betting software include a wide array of business analytics covering every aspect of the daily betting action coming in from each individual player. You will have fast and easy access to agent positions for every game on your betting board to help you quickly identify any excess action on one side verse the other. You will have the ability to make mass edits as well as adjust betting and credit limits on an account by account basis. There also a number of weekly reports that can aid in your marketing efforts when it comes to tracking player betting habits and trends.

While DGC should not necessarily be described as better online bookie software than ASI, it is fair to say that it takes a much more comprehensive approach to gathering and filtering the wealth of digital information that is generated by all the daily online transactions that take place in the online sports betting business.

While a good deal of Pay Per Head providers have gravitated towards the DGC online bookie software platform in recent years, there are still a number of highly successful private bookies running and managing every aspect of their sportsbook with ASI.


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