What is New at Your Favorite Online Sportsbook?

When was the last time that you really sat down and explored everything your favorite online sports betting outlet has to offer? If you are like a typical sports betting, you are mainly focused on the posted betting odds for the games you decide bet on. Your top focus is probably making sure that your actual bets get placed. If you are happy with the deposit and withdrawal options
offered for your online sports betting account and your payment requests are processed in a timely manner, there is probably little else that concerns you about your online book.

Changes are coming to the sports betting industry in the United States ahead of legalized betting options on a state-by-state basis in the coming months and years. How widespread legal sports betting in the US will become remains to be seen, but you can rest assured that the top offshore sportsbooks taking action online are going to up their games in the face of increased competition.

Americas Bookie – Trusted by 1000’s for Sports bettors

America’s Bookie brings a lot of everything for the gambler, all while priding themselves on making your betting experience safe and profitable. Their live dynamic betting interface leads the online sports betting world, bringing you closer to the action than you ever dreamed possible. With the most competitive lines in the industry, combined with the widest selection of betting options, there’s no wonder why America’s Bookie has seen continuous growth in this highly competitive world since established in 2005.

America’s Bookie also features more then 75 tracks in their Racebook, to go along with both a live dealer Casino and a virtual Casino. Everything is available to you when you’re on the go through their mobile network. Their state-of-the-art gaming software insures seamless usage along all platforms.

America’s Bookie treats their employees with respect, which shows every time you call their well- trained customer service staff. They take pride in their quick payouts, with a bonus structure that is sure to fit any bettor. With multiple payment options, funding your account and getting started has never been easier. Need more? AB’s customer loyalty is never more evident than in their contests and other perks offered to their customers.

Bet33 – Solid operation that takes customers input seriously

Bet33.com is one of those trusty sports betting site that you may have forgotten about. The years keep clicking by and they keep growing. After 12 years of impeccable service to their client base, Bet33 has become a betting favorite and for good reason.

The offer a fantastic bonus that won’t scorch the player, their customer service is flawless and they payout without hassle or complaint. The betting options are numerous, and their casino offers all the action that todays players look for. These folks are the real deal when it comes to no hassle, check out their easy deposit options.

1vice – Quickly becoming the sportsbook of choice for gamblers

Sports gamblers are looking for a one-stop sportsbook and in todays online gambling market, that is hard to come by. 1Vice.ag has the answers that every player is looking for.

This 1Vice sportsbook has a top ranked reputation for customer service and along with it they offer the most competitive lines and odds in the industry. With more than 12 years in the business, these guys deliver a great sports menu and a top notch wagering system that players rave about along with a great bonus. Ease of use is the name of the game, deposits are easy; payouts even quicker.

The Greek’s slogan is “Sweat the game, not the payout” – NO USA PLAYER

Gamblers can feel confident to have their funds in The Greek, as the company’s reputation for making prompt payments is widely known in the sports betting fraternity, including by several independent online sportsbook watchdogs, Sportsbook Review and the Off Shore Gaming Association.

Sports books Reviews – Check out what is new at the best online sports books



Hrwager.ag stands out nowadays as a leader in the online gaming biz. If you are looking for a bookmaker that pays quickly, offers a fantastic and fair bonus, then this is the book for you. The bonus starts at 200% and goes down the ladder with a rollover that’s fair and that certainly competes with any other online bookmaker. Having been around since 2012, this group has learned what players are looking for. They are looking for live wagering, a great user interface, and a big wagering menu. Hrwager.ag offers all of that and more. 

The software is safe and secure. Your information is private and will never be sold to the highest bidder. Hrwager.ag started from humble beginnings in 2012 and they have worked into a fantastic mid-range bookmaker. 

Players want fast and easy when it comes to payouts and that’s exactly what you will find with Hrwager.ag. they payout quick and they offer one free payout per month with Western Union and MoneyGram. They offer a wide array of payout methods such as Bitcoin, person to person and wire transfers. 

The customer service is the best and they prove it daily with live chat as well as an 800 number that can be called from the USA. Clients consistently rate this book as a top-tier, online sportsbook for client services. 

No matter what sport suits you, Hrwager.ag probably offers it. Their wide array of offerings and a vast menu make these guys a top destination for recreational and serious players alike. 

Anytime there are major changes or advances with products or services in a growing industry, it is going to create a trickle down effect on end users. Online sportsbooks understand this dynamic, so whether the perceived threat in competition is real or imagined, it is going to impact they way they conduct their operations. Given the rapidly expanding size of the US sports
betting market, this dynamic is going to have a big impact on the way that online sportsbooks operate moving forward.

The books that embrace this changing business environment will flourish with increased competition to keep existing customers happy and content. Bonus programs will become more lucrative. Promotional offers will become more frequent. Betting options will continue to expand to include even more ways to add some betting action to the games. They know that the key to their future success is directly tied to the satisfaction level of the customers they serve.

Some of the more recent innovations at top online sportsbooks is an increase of banking options to help fund and maintain your online sports betting accounts. Bitcoin is big right now and you can use this digital currency for deposits and withdrawals at most of the books working with US customers. Live, in-game wagering options are sure to expand for one of the best ways to mine some betting value in the posted odds. Expansion into more tracks for horse racing and

more variations of gambling machines and live-dealer table games for an online casino will make your favorite book a one-stop shop for all of your online gambling needs.

One of the biggest innovations at online sportsbooks in recent years is the rapid expansion of mobile betting platforms. As long as you have an Internet connection, you will be able to access your online betting account 24 hours a day, every day of the year from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31.

Quality customer service remains a very high priority in the online sports betting industry. Most books staff their customer service department with employees that come from a sports betting background. They are subject matter experts that are there to help you every step of the way. If you are new to sports betting online, they will go out of their way to quickly get you up to speed. Even if you consider yourself well versed in the world of sports betting, there are still ways that some professional customer care can enhance your online wagering activity.

Do yourself a favor and take some time to check out what is new at your favorite online sportsbook. You might be surprised at what you find.

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