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Attributes of a Great Online Sports Bookie Service

What makes or breaks an online bookmaker for the avid sports gambler? This is a proverbial question that all gamblers ask and more often than not, folks find out the hard way or at best, through trial and error. Stop the insanity! There are literally hundreds of bookies online today and finding the right one can be a huge hassle. Who knows what to look for and who has the time, patience or the resources to find the perfect bookie?

We know sportsbooks, we review them we write about them and we sort the good thing from the bad. There are more than a few questions that you should ask yourself before taking the online plunge. Now, you may already have a great bookie and if so, you should keep them. Like we said, finding a great bookie service is not always easy, so if they are good to you and meet your gaming needs, keep them.

On the other hand, any serious sports bettor should have more than one online sportsbook, as a matter of fact, you should have several. There are more than a few good reasons for this and the first and foremost reason would be options. You want options and having just one bookie will not allow you all the options that you want and need. We ask some very important questions of any potential bookmaker on your list. Take a moment and familiarize yourself, so that you can arm yourself.

What is important when searching for an online bookie?

Reputation. Is it stellar? If not, why not? Do yourself a favor and find a top rated bookie review service and remember while doing so that some of the reviewers out there only review the “supermarket” sportsbooks. What do we mean by supermarket? The huge books, the books that have a multimillion dollar advertising budget and the books that have the huge name. These sportsbooks serve the masses but they underserve their clients on an individual basis. The smart players, (wise guys) steer clear of these bookmakers. Find a review that lists the qualities of the smaller, even lesser known bookies. The customer service that comes with a smaller book far out ways the “big boys” of the online gaming industry

Pay outs.

Do they payout quickly and efficiently without hassle? You gamble on sports because you want paid are you willing to wait several weeks or even months to collect? This can make you despise a bookie very quickly and make you rethink gambling altogether. Nobody needs this hassle. Lines and Odds. Are they competitive with the industry wide market? You want the best lines and odds available and you don’t want to search all day long for them. Having two or three bookies with the best lines in the business will go a very long way towards the bottom line. You’re in this to make money,don’t forget!

Wagering Options.

Do they have a great wagering menu? What about sports do they offer much more than the “big four”? If you are at all serious about sports betting and making money then you want all you can get when it comes to games, sporting events and ways to bet those games.

Customer Service.

Do they offer top notch customer service that is personal and do they cater to American and Canadian players? Do they speak English and do they have agents that can really help you?

These are a few of the best questions that you can ask yourself before making that deposit. Be sure to ask these questions when signing up and most definitely before plunking down the cash. Finding a great bookie service is not that difficult but do your homework.