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The internet is chock full of great discoveries as well as competition when it comes to pay per heads. The Pay per head industry has taken off in the last couple of years like never before and bookies are flocking to their services for business management. Possibly you are a bookie looking to take your business to the next level, you are looking to expand but need help. We have some great practical advise for finding the best pay per head service.



• The cost usually seems to be the first and most frequently asked question when it comes to doing business with a PPH. This is a simple question and it can be complex. In recent years, the overall cost of doing business with a PPH has come down. Many folks may not realize, but the PPH industry has been around for more than 20-years. When the industry was created the pricing was reasonable, then as with any consumer product, the demand arose, and the price arose with it. In more recent times the PPH providers have realized that they now have some pretty stiff competition.

• The overall cost for using a pay per head varies wildly form $3 per head to $18, and even $25. As with anything in life, there is a balance. You do not need to pay for the most expensive service on the web. As a matter of fact, that’s simply a waste of money. Our advice is don’t do it. We also advise against paying the rock-bottom, basement price. As with anything, “you get what you pay for”. Be careful that you don’t get $3 customer service.

• As a bookie, customer service from your PPH is a big deal, yow want the best in the industry and you should be willing to pay a little more for it. We have found that most PPH providers worth their salt, start at around $10 per head and go up from there depending on the level of service chosen. Example: You may want your clients to have the ability to phone in bets. Find a PPH that offers a toll-free hotline they can call from the United States and place wagers. This service will cost you a couple dollars more per head but is well worth it. What happens when you don’t offer the service is this; your client calls you, and it might be at 3:00 AM! This is the very reason you have signed up for a PPH. You are trying to get away from these headaches. Pay a couple of dollars more and sign up for over the phone wagering.


What does a PPH really offer, is the service really worth it?

*The service is absolutely worth it and here is why—

•A bookies job is never ending. If you are jumping into this arena, it will be rewarding, and it will be fun, but expect to wear many hats.

• You are your own accountant you are your own banker, you are the wagering clerk. Whenever a client wants to make a wager, you need to be there for them. You certainly don’t want to turn down money, you must be available on an on-call basis.

• Bookies must present fair, and market-accurate lis/oddsne and present them on a daily basis.

• You must grade the bet slips. You must tally who wins and who loses. You clients will demand this and they want the game/event graded within 5-10 minutes after it’s finished.

We could literally go on for three more pages describing the list of duties and the job description of a bookie. The job can be exhausting, and we have hit on some of the major duties that must be completed on a daily basis. The PPH literally does all of the work for you. They have combined the sportsbook, casino, and racebook, to an all in one super gaming site that you are personally in charge of. Now you have the tools to earn a great income. Find a free trial offer and get moving today. Take your clients online and you will see a drastic change for the better in your life.


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