Sports handicapping – Win Money Sticking to the Basics

The football season tends to spoil avid sports bettors. There is a full slate of games each weekend where you have at least five to six days to watch the betting line and study the matchups. You simply pick the games you wish to bet on and hope for the best. The life of any sports bettor after football gets a bit more complicated. There are more than enough betting options on the board at your favorite online sportsbook, but formulating a winning strategy requires much more heavy lifting.

Making the Most of an Online Sportsbook’s Early Betting Lines

One option is to sit back and become a spectator until the next football season rolls around. There are quite a few people that only bet on football, but what is the fun in that? I would not recommend going to the opposite extreme and start betting on everything in sight. The best betting strategy moving forward is sticking with the basics.

The first thing you need to determine is which sports do catch your interest. If you have not been following college basketball all season long, do you really think it is smart to start betting on the games now just because March is right around the corner. You should spend the final few weeks of the regular season and the conference tournaments just watching the games to get yourself quickly up to speed for the upcoming NCAA Tournament.

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If you are an avid NBA fan, the remaining games in the regular season following the All-Star break offers a great opportunity to cash a few winners. All 30 teams will fall into one of three categories. The first is the group of elite teams that have the luxury of taking a few nights off during the stretch run to the playoffs. Look for games at the end of an extended road trip to go against teams such as Golden State or Toronto. Rest now is much more important to theses team’s long-term goals than playing every game hard to win by double figures.

Betting on New and Different Sports at Online Sportsbooks

The second group in the NBA are all the other teams still fighting for a spot in the postseason. They are the best teams to go with down the stretch. Teams fighting for their playoff life have no choice but to play hard day in and day out. Look for teams in this group playing the first game of an extended homestand in an effort to get off to a fast start.

The final group of teams in the NBA are the tankers looking to improve their lottery position with the worst record possible. The league downplays that this happens, but how do explain extended losing streaks by teams at the bottom of the standings. You can find a good team to go against in this category almost every day of the week.

Best Sports Books – What is New at Your Favorite Online Sports book?

One of the best things about heading into a brand new season on the sports betting calendar is individual events. You always have professional boxing and the UFC on the board if you enjoy a night at the fights. The PGA Tour is starting to ramp things up heading into a new season of Majors and NASCAR’s Cup Series returns to action with the running of the Daytona 500. You do not have to be avid fans of any of these sports to place a few bets here and there. These type of events are designed to enhance your betting strategy, not to expand it.

Betting on horses would also fall into this category as a casual fan. The Kentucky Derby prep season is in full swing and from now right through the Triple Crown racing series, you can usually find a Saturday or Sunday race to pique your interest.

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