Making the Most of an Online Sportsbook’s Early Betting Lines

Certain offshore sportsbooks taking action online have gained a reputation for releasing early betting lines for upcoming games. While most betting lines originate in Las Vegas, unless you are in Nevada there is no way to actually bet on them. That is why finding an online book that is quick to be one of the first betting outlets for a variety of sports action should be a part of any avid bettor’s overall strategy.

Betting on an opening line as soon as it is released is not always the best way to go, but there are certain times when jumping on those early odds is in a sports bettor’s best interest. If you are serious about betting regularly on any sport, you will begin to fine-tune your ability to estimate what an opening line should be. This is how professional handicappers make a living. They already have a very good idea of what the spread or total should be in a given contest and their selections are then based on the actual betting lines that are released.

The top handicappers also have a good feel of how the betting public will react to an opening line so they also know how they might move with the early money coming in. They are also looking for any line movements that may be a result of sharps jumping on a particular matchup. If a pro believes that the lines may move in their favor, they will play the wait and see game. If they feel that a line might move against them, they will pull the trigger right away.

The main benefit of working with an online sportsbook that is known for releasing early lines is the ability to bet like the pros. If you believe the opening line is too good to be true, you will probably want to place a bet right away. While you may not be right all of the time, you should see a spike in your overall winning percentage depending on how good your individual handicapping skills may be.

Another benefit of having early lines on games is the added chance that one or two may be soft. Today’s Oddsmakers are really good overall, but every line they set is not as sharp as you think. This is especially true for sports such as college football and college basketball when it comes to games involving more obscure teams. If Michigan is playing Ohio State in Big Ten football, you can safely assume that the opening spread is going to be pretty sharp. However, if Bowling
Green is playing Ohio U in a head-to-head showdown in the MAC, there is always a chance the betting line may be a bit soft. It takes time and effort to spot soft lines in any sport, but with the added advantage of getting them early, you can earn some serious cash if your initial instincts turn out to be correct.

The easiest way to find the online sportsbooks that do release early lines is to use a sports betting reference website as your guide. Just about every one of the top sports betting sites will post a current odds page for every major sport that compares betting lines across all the top online sportsbooks. Football lines are usually set a week in advance of the next round of games and if you are betting on sports such as basketball, baseball or hockey where there is a daily schedule of games, you should be able to find the early lines as least a day in advance. Once you start checking the comparative odds on a regular basis, you will quickly begin to realize which books are the first to release the betting lines for any upcoming action.

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